Livestock Transport Permits

Transporting Livestock in South Africa requires a permit

Livestock is only allowed to be transported in South Africa provided a permit has been issued.

For example when one farmer purchases a herd of goats from another, the buyer requires a transport permit from the seller in order to transfer the goats from one farm to the other.

This is usually in the form a a typed letter from one to the other.

Livestock Transport Permit

Reason that Livestock Transport Permits are Required:

  • Discourages stock theft as thieves could be easily caught if they are not in possession of a permit.
  • Enables authorities to track and monitor the transport of animals through South Africa’s borders.

Livestock Transport Permit Requirements:

  • The Livestock Transport Permit should bear the date not later than 7 days prior to the transfer event
  • The permit must bear the identification number of the owner/seller
  • The seller/owner’s contact number must be stated
  • The owner/seller’s physical address must be stated
  • The name of the farm where the animals are to be collected
  • A statement of approval given by the owner/seller to the buyer
  • A statement describing the initiation point as well as the destination of the animals
  • The identification of the person collecting the livestock.
  • The id number of the driver of the vehicle collecting the animals
  • Full contact details of the driver of the vehicle
  • Full description of the make and model and registration number of the vehicle used to transport the livestock
  • A full description of the animals being transported including identifying tattoos, tag numbers, brands numbers etc
  • Finally clear signatures of the parties buying and selling the animals